Monday, August 3, 2009

Quilt Retreat June 09

This quilt is also at the quilter's being quilted. I have finished quite a few projects this summer. The retreat was a great start and great motivator.

The monkey fabric wound up as a four patch quilt, Morae quilted it and the binding is on it!! WooHoo!!

We didn't have a design wall available, so we had a design bed. We are so resourceful=)

Calling this beautiful home a cabin isn't quite right, it is in the mountains but not a cabin. We ate well and I'm looking for the meatloaf recipe, the egg breakfast recipe, bean hints, and ...

Working away in the beautiful basement.

The border is finished and fabulous but, man, it was a lot of work.

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Joey said...

VERY FABULOUS!!!! That looks amazing...go Donna!