Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quilt Retreat!!!!

We are planning to have the quilt retreat July 12 - 15th, I think it went great last year with the meals so we can plan the same, let me know what you would like to do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Quilt Group

OK Peg your really OVER THE TOP
Fabulous Quilt Group in June!
So much fun and we even finished the project.
Busy sewing and visiting.
Sewing these cute
"Craft Aprons"
Finished in One night
Glenna's Black and white
Donna with her cute "dingle balls" and friendship ties.
Vickie's even matched her outfit,
Cristi's with very cute polka dot ribbon
Peg finished this ready for a "Hoedown"
Mary Ann and the Green Dot for ties was perfect.

Hedy didn't have the right fabric and she completed hers at home and sent a picture.
It looks perfect Hedy!

We even had time for
"Show and Tell"
Peg's Bag, she taught a class at a Womens Conference
And she made these frilly shirts for her Daughter-in-law for a wedding.
"So Cute"
Glenna finished some projects.
This one I made over 50 years ago and finally framed it.
"Yes I framed it myself"

And this "Redwork" finished and framed
For the next BOM
Mary Ann found this at a yard sale for $25.00, can you believe it?
She is sending it to a friend to start her Antique quilt collection,
What a great friend!

Donna Showing some her "Show and Tell" on the computer.
"I Spy" Quilt she is talking to a reunion and anyone who helps quilt the quilt gets to put their
in for a drawing. Great idea.
This Hawaiian quilt wil also go in the drawing
Vickie finished Sterlings T-Shirt Quilt and it is unbelievable.
She even put pictures of friends and "whatnot" on the back.

Hedy made these bags to go with the marble bags for the boys in her Primary Class

Hedy has been busy on her "Be BOM"

Jan said she didn't have much to show and then proceeded to show us the blocks she completed for her Alphabet quilt.
She finds pictures that she likes and then puts her personal touch on them.
She has one with the names of her grandchildren

This reminds her of her husband
And she loves the Library.
Vickie thinks she should put ABC on one of the books because she had a ABC Book collection

Cristi has been busy dewing little skirts for her daughter.
So Cute

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby quilts

New Blankets for my new baby Lydia=) The hexagon quilt pattern is from allpeoplequilt.com pattern 36. The pattern piece is a trapezoid.