Thursday, June 22, 2017

June "Finish Line" Quilt Group 2017Our

Our Quilt Group was held at Peg's the Month
She put together a wonderful spread for our Lunch.

Peg started our Show And Tell with this
Fabulous Hourglass Quilt

Peg has been working on this quilt for a few years and she is trying to get it to the
"Finish Line".

Look at this awesome back
She is ready to have this quilted.


Mary Ann just returned from her big trip.
She is showing a bag she made .

This is just some of the thimbles Mary Ann brought back from her Cruise. 

Jan is checking them out, she was on the same Cruise.

JoAn is Finishing the binding on this wonderful quilt.

JoAn showing some blocks for a quilt she started for a new grandbaby coming soon.

Glenna finished more paper pieced blocks for "Quilts With a Spin".

Debbie shows this darling quilt for New granddaughter.

Can you see the Label?

Another Label for the back of a Grandson's Quilt

We were so happy to see Hedy.
She came with a quilt she is working on.

Jan finished our Show and Tell with is Neighborhood quilt.
We all loved the Scrappy Quilts/
Great Lunch was served
Great Group of Ladies

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Quilt Group @ Debbie's

Debbie only had a few days to plan for Quilt group but look what she did!
In honor of Memorial Day She did a Red,White and Blue Theme.
(It's all about the Theme)

This was our assignment:
 Quilting Down Memory Lane! (in celebration of Memorial Day!)
Here's your assignment:  Bring a Quilt that has Memories stitched in it!  (A quilt that you've made, one that someone special to you made for you, one that took you forever to complete and you're sooo glad you did!, one that makes you laugh, one that................just has memories stitched in it!  You choose!

This is Mary Ann's Memory Quilt- One of the first Quilts she made.

Mary Ann did an awesome job on Donna's Challenge Quilt for her Sister's Group home.

Mary Ann made a cute bow in the middle and it looks Perfect.

Mary Ann also did the stitching around this Cute Duck Quilt.
For Donna's group also.

Glenna's Memory Quilt was the very first quilt I made.
Vicki started this Quilt group almost 20 years ago and this was the pattern she taught us first.
Log Cabin Blocks

Glenna's still working on her Quilt with a Spin Quilt
Also known as "Everyday Best"

JoAn brought this Fabulous quilt she made for her Mother.

JoAn also brought us this Scrappy Quilt made with all her scraps.
 Love it.

Luann brought this soft Minkey blanket with self binding.
She even gave us a demo of how to doing it.
She said it is
Fast and Easy

This I Luann's Donna's Challenge Quilt

Another creative way to set the Heart Blocks.

Kristen brought one of her first quilts

Love this Pattern

Peg is working on finishing up some old projects
She is looking for the Pattern for this
Watermelon Picnic

Peg has a good start on her Heart Challenge Quilt

While Peg was sorting things she found a bunch of the String Piecing Block.
Just ready to sew together.

Debbie's Memory Quilts were three her Mother made for her Children.
Pinwheels never get old.

The Nine Patch
Hand Quilted and Tied

And this quilt Whole Cloth Quilt

This is Debbie's new project for another Grandchild
Happy Memorial Day and Thanks Debbie for a great evening together!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Quilt Group 2017

Luann was the host of our April Quilt group.
She is a great host and served a Delicious  Cake with Strawberries and Cream
She is showing her colorful Dresden Quilt.

Donna brought back her finished 
"Hankie Quilt"

Love it!

Donna also brought us Red Hearts.
Some of us took a pack of blocks to create something wonderful for a sale for her
 Sister's Group Home.

I (Glenna) was looking for some fabric and found the center of this quilt I had made a while back. I was looking for fabric for piano keys for another project and I ended up using them for this quilt.

This is the quilt I was trying to finish.  
My Farmer's Wife Quilt. 
 I started this a few years ago and it was time to finish it.

We had a visitor this Month, Kristen.
Luann's Sister-in-law.
She brought some really fun things to share .
This is a quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
We loved the pattern and the fabric
Double Square Star

Kristen also brought the beautiful Bargello Quilt...

...and this unbelievable Applique Quilt.
Hours and hours on this one

Jan is ready for some travel this summer.
 She has prepared these blocks for hand Applique

This quilt is going to be Fabulous!

Peg is working on her School play she Directs  this time of year.
She is showing Mary Ann a picture on her phone of the Blue Lagoon she made for the Peter Pan Show.
She is amazing.

Great evening together.  
We love Quilting but we also love visiting and catching up on every one's busy lives.
Thanks again Luann!