Sunday, January 27, 2008

Donna Finally Contributes

I am determined to finish projects that I have started, but never finished. This one has been done for a few years with no border. Border added, quilting done by Morae Harris, and binding finished=)

Here is my finished challenge quilt top and I do love it, eventhough it is very simple. Maybe I can get it to the quilter after quilt group=)

Hey, Rachelle, do you recognize this little number?? I found some navy blue fabric that matched at a yard sale (where else?) and finally got it finished up.

See you darling ladies on Thursday. Jan, have so much fun with the new baby.

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Baby

My daughter Kori, who lives in Lindon, Utah had a baby boy on Tuesday. My eighth grandchild. He was born two weeks early. So I am headed to Utah. Sadly, I will miss quilt group.
I finally finished the strawberry quilt for my granddaughter Kennedy. I was slow on this one, but she hasn't had her first birthday yet (It's in March). Thanks for the advice on how to finish it. This was my first scalloped edge, and my first bias binding. It's fun to learn new skills. My fun trick is I marked the quilt with a child's washable marker, so easy to do and see, then it comes right out when you wash it-pretty cool. The very scrappy star quilt is for my new (yet to be named) grandson.
I hope someone will take pictures at quilt group and post them on the blog. Everyone take care and happy quilting!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Quilter's Last Will And Testament*

I,___________________________,being of sound mind (a statement which does not bear close examination) do hereby record my last will and testament.

Knowing that __________________________________, my _________________ (husband, sister, or friend) hasn’t the least understanding or appreciation for, or for that matter, knowledge of my extensive fabric collection, which collection is suitably deposited in sundry places for safekeeping.

Knowing also that ___________________________ has already notified the local dumpster to pick up and dispose of the before mentioned collection "willy-nilly" (the thought of which causes me a most severe case of hives).

Therefore, I do will this collection and all other collections related to it, to my dear friend and fellow fabric preservationist, _________________________.

It is my wish that she/he, upon hearing of my death and obtaining clear proof that I did not manage, although goodness knows I tried, to take it with me, would come to my home post haste, before the dumpster, and search out my collection which is similarly stored at her own abode.

That she should rescue said collection and stack it in my quilting studio, along with my sewing machines, frames, old buttons, lace, patterns, quilts, dolls and works in progress.

After she/he has done this, she/he should purchase refreshments for my friends not yet departed, which friends are also her/his friends, and every last one shall be in that room and they shall hold a wake and say lovely and kind things about me until they run out and then they shall divide amongst themselves, by lot, my wonderful collection.

I shall be hovering over that very spot until this is done. _______________________ shall then quit this spot and close the door, leaving trivialities to those who do not understand. This is my wish on the matter.

Signed: ____________________ Date: ___________

Notarized: __________________ Date: ___________

*This is not a legal document

Written By Elinor Peace Baily,
Published in "The Cloth Doll"
Spring/Summer 1990

What is your favorite quilt site?

Post the address and I will list it under favorite quilt sites. It's nice to be able to go to it directly from the blog. As you can see I have already listed a few of my favorites...

Quilt Group

We are having quilt group at JoAn's on Thursday, January 31st at 7:00pm.
It'll be fun to see everyone!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Quilt
This is a quilt my sister Donna gave me when she stayed with me for the weekend in December.(Peg has one also but that is another story). It is a great pattern made with 5 inch squares. I can't wait to tell you about it at out next quilt group.

22 Pillows for Christmas

I haven't been quilting much the last few months but I did finish 22 Pillowcases for Christmas for the grand kids.
Above the Utah kids wanted to sleep under the tree with their pillows.
Christmas Eve the Arizona grand kids opened at the same time. This is the best picture I could get. Glenna