Monday, November 14, 2011

Peg's Quilt for Grand Daughter

I'm going to brag on Peg
She just finish this awesome quilt for her
Grand Daughter 's  baptism
A great label to match.
Gook Job Peg!

Friday, October 21, 2011

October Quilt Group 2011

Maryann was our host of our October Quilt group.
Maryann learned how to make the baskets and  she taught us how to make them.  

After the cord is wrapped with 1 inch fabric you start sewing the cord together with a zig zag using a denim needle. 

Once you get it started  it goes fast.

When the bottom is the size you want, you lift it up  and continue to sew and it makes the curved sides

You keep sewing until it is the size you want.
Great project Maryann. Thanks!

We had a smaller group but we still had our "Show and Tell"

Maryann show a denim bag she says is so fast to make.

I added tags to the packages I brought last month.

Now for borders and quilting

Mary Ann P. brought this fabulous block of the month quilt.  

Mary Ann made this a while back but we talked her into bringing it to show.

Mary Ann finished the top of this "Quilts of Valor"

Love this Quilt!

Jan found this cute old fashioned Apron.

So Great!

Friday, September 23, 2011

September Quilt Group 2011

Thursday we gathered at Jeanene's   for our September Quilt group
It was so great to get together and visit.  
We have a "Show and Tell" and that gives us an excuse to do some sewing but sometimes life gets in the way. 

"Show and Tell" this month:

Jan finished the top of the "Wonky" quilt she started at our June meeting,  Love the Black and Yellow.

I thought of a name for this quilt.
"I'm a little bit Wonky and a little bit Yellow and Black"
Might be  a little long.

Jan also Made this football quilt for a Grandson.
 So great for a boy.

Peg's colorful quilt in shades of purple.
Peg calls this pattern "Round Tu it"

Glenna was determined to finish this quilt some of us started  at least a year ago.

I'm Thinking
"Quilt with an Attitude" Or something like that.
Any Ideas?

Glenna's new project from a charm pack..
Coming Soon.....Check out the pattern HERE

Mary Ann took a class and made the awesome bag. Lots of decorative stitches along the seam lines.

Mary Ann also made this Great banner for her husbands birthday. 

Mary Ann is taking a class to learn to how to make fabric baskets.  She is going to show us how to make them next month,

Jeanene blew us all away with this project she has been working on for a friend. Her friend died in a car accident and she took 3 or 4 bags of her clothing to make memory quilts for her Mother, Sister and Daughter.

She has the tops finished 
She used the leftover fabric for the backs

This one is for the daughter.
It will be a treasure.
Thank you Jeanene for a wonderful night.

Friday, August 26, 2011

August Quilt Group 2011

It was my turn for Quilt Group this month. 
Because it was August I pulled out my "Watermelon" Quilt to get in the mood.
The challenge I gave everyone this month was to
 "finish" one project. 
 We all have so many projects started this was a good time to finish something. 
( Finished could be anything you want it to be.Finished top, quilted or all three).

Our 1st Surprise was that Donna Came. 
 Donna has been caring for her husband who was in an accident on his Motorcycle and it is very serious. 
His Mom and Dad have come into town to help out and the Dad stayed with the Husband and Donna brought  his Mom with her to quilt group for a little R & R .
We were giving Donna a pass for the challenge and she showed up with two quilts she had quilted for donations.

Donna's second quilt a quilt "I Spy".

Vickie brought this awesome scripture bag made from a place mat. She was running out of time and could put on the handle on or the flower.  We are so glad she put on the flower.  It is adorable. 

Hedy finished her "Pinwheel" quilt that was a project last year.
  I love those Pinwheels!

She sent this to a Utah quilter Elizabeth. 
Very nice.

This quilt  is really finished. 
Binding and Quilt label. Done!!! 

Hedy modeled  her Amy Butler Bag "Bertie's Sling"

Peg is working on getting a daughter ready for a Mission.  
Peg made this darling blouse for Maddie.

Peg also made this jewelry carrier for Maddie. 
 Made from a Place-mat. 

She added zippers and plastic.  So creative Peg!

Peg made a gift for a friends new Grandson.  You can recognize the flannel blanket.  
On top is a set of  "Pee Pee TeePee's". 
Yes it is just what you think.  
 Leave it to Peg to come up with this.  
They say they work great.  

I (Glenna) have brought this quilt before but it fits in the challenge because Utah Sister said I needed to add two more rows so the quilt will be square and will fit the bed in the guest room "Granny Room".  Now it is ready to quilt and finish.

Jan brought the main part of her quilt finished.
She has "Flying Geese" for the border.
Love the Red and  White.

Jan finished the borders on her "Scrappy Dot" quilt on Point.
Great choice of  colors for the borders.

Jan is up to about 20 blocks of her "All about her A to Z".
Six more to go.

Mary Ann  (new member and cousin of  Glenna and Peg) took the challenge and finished this  adorable  quilt she started  a while back.

And this "Apron "quilt she quilted herself.  This was a block of the month hand applique.  This represents hours of  sewing with a needle and thread.  Good Job!

Mary Ann also shows a bag she made.  The bottom is mesh and makes a good beach bag.

JoAn is so excited about her new twin Grandsons.
 She had to borrow the quilts she made for them so she could bring them to show.
The blue of is  for "River" and the Green one is for "Maiz".  

Jeanene slipped in at the end (because of a meeting ) but we were so glad to have her come.
She brought a project she is working on for a dear friend.  She has passed away and she is taking some of her clothing and making a remembrance quilt for the Mom, Sister and Daughter. 
 This seems overwhelming to most of us but Jeanene is an artist and  it is going to be fabulous.  

We usually bring things to put into the center to draw at the end.  We call it "white elephants" but it is anything a quilter would like.  Tonight we brought things for our friend Donna.  Things that would give her a lift and let her know we care about her. We were so excited when she came and we could give it to her in person.  

Because I used the "Watermelon Quilt" we had to have watermelon.   Peg told me about a "Peanut-butter" Dip she makes.  It goes well with apple and strawberries.  So this was our lite snack.
So great to be together again .
 We did miss a few and you were missed.

Peanut Butter Dip-Peg's
2 C. Creamy Peanut Butter
1 8 oz. pkg Neufchatel cream cheese (room temp)
1/2 C. packed Splenda Brown Sugar blend
1 t. Vanilla
1 C. unsweetened Almond Milk

Cream together Peanut Butter and cream cheese
Add Sugar, Vanilla and milk
Mix well
Refrigerate until serving