Monday, May 30, 2011

Graduation Quillows

Glenna and Peg finished the Graduation Quilts they have been working on.
This is Sarah, Glenna's Granddaughter and her graduation quilt.

Haley shows off her "Quillow"
Quilt pattern inspired by JoAn's graduation quilts for her girls.

These two went to twin nieces.  

We used satin for the back .
We love the way it looks and feels..
but are not crazy about sewing it.

When the quillow are folded they make a Pillow!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vintage sheets

I was so interested when Glenna's told us about vintage sheet quilting (like I need another thing to collect). I found lots of cute vintage sheet quilts on-line. Here is a blog that talks a little more about them.

this blog show some quilts.

Rachel Treat's T-Shirt Quilt

Top is the front of the t-shirt quilt I did for Rachel Treat and lower is the back. I'll let you know how she liked it next week and maybe I'll get a picture of her and the quilt together this week end at her graduation party. Had a great time Thursday night, thanks again Jan for hosting this month.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Quilt Group 2011

Jan was our Host this month.  She has been telling us about  her remodeled sewing room and she gave us a tour  It is fabulous.  This is Jan in front of her design wall.
Framed and everything.  

Some of us were in the pictures with the new cutting table and lots of shelves to show off her Quilts and sewing things.

Sewing machine just the right height 

It is cute everywhere you look!

Look at the stylish pressing station..

Vickie is making Pillow case cuffs for her Missionaries.
Great Idea!

Rachelle is in another quilt group and the challenge was to pick out two Crayola's and make a block  using those two colors and Black and White.  She picked Yellow and dark green.  

For another block challenge she made 4 small turtles using 5 colors to create a block.  Rachelle is the queen of  making her patterns miniature.

 Rachelle finished this UFO  and did all the quilting.  

Glenna and Peg have been working of graduation quilts and we will post them later.
 We did make this little ragtime quilt for a niece that had a new baby boy the first of May.
 This picture is before it was washed and fluffed.

Jan's friend (neighbor) Luann joined is and brought  her I Spy Quilt to show

Jeanene shows off her latest project she made practicing a new trick using "Glue" to piece blocks.
Jeanene says it is very easy and makes it precise.
 Every point is perfect and she even glued down the binding so it will be easier to hand sew on the wrong side.

Jeanene and Donna made blocks for .....Just One Star

Donna had three quilts she just had quilted.  This all from leftover fabrics.

We bring odds and ends to exchange each month and this month we had three Tips that were noteworthy.
# 1.This is the type of glue you use for gluing fabric.  It needs to be washable the white school glue works also.
# 2. These a a great replacement for your  rotary cutter.  Find them at Harbor Freight and they are a fraction of the cost.
# 3. Spot Remover , Peg says it works great for all stains.
Great night and we meet again June 15th.
 Bring your sewing machine and we are making Scrappy Wonky Block   Tutorial

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I gave them the quilts!!!

There were squeals, tears and hugs......... I love these girls.   

It was a lot of fun!