Friday, August 22, 2014

Scrappy August Quilt Group

Tonight was all about Scraps
When Life give you
Scraps...make a Quilt!
I (Glenna) was the host this month.
All I really  had to show this month was my
Alphabet Quilt
(Spell it with Moda pattern)
I madethis with a solid Jelly Roll and everything else came from my
Great way to use up larger pieces.

Kathee brought a quilt she bought from a school Fund raiser and it happened to be made by "Our Peg"!
Fun and

Kathee finished this Scrappy String  quilt.
Another great use of

Hedy learned ho to make these adorable flip flops made with a Scrappy Flower on the top.

Vicki show this Scrappy nine patch.
 Vicki demonstrated this a few years ago.
 You can make this  out of any size square.
Easy Nine Patch 

Mary Ann finished the top of a quilt she worked on at our June quilt group.
 Festive Christmas Stars
This could also be made

Scrappy Flowers
by Mary Ann
Great use of her Scraps!

Jeanene finished her Quilty Fun Quilt
I am so sorry for the blurry picture.
(We need to get all our Quilty Fun quilts and take some good pictures).
We can tell it is awesome!

Quilty Fun Back
Our backs are getting a great as the front.
Made from

Jeanene Finished this quilt she started from a kit.
Perfect points and piecing
Jeanene is a master quilter
Scrappy about this Quilt

This Month Jeanene brought her two sister's Susan and Doris to our group.
(sister's are always welcome)

Jeanene said she told Doris to take a few thins off the wall and bring them with her.
She brought this because it was a great
Scrappy Star.

Another Star Quilt
I love the color contrast.
Scraps would work for this pattern.

These were actual Scraps
given to her on her visit to Nauvoo trip.

They took this Quilt right off the bed.
Scrappy Dresden Plates are made form Neckties!
(Jeanenes other Sister Susan sitting next  her.)

Doris is 83 years old Still stays busy and Quilting

Donna brought her
Jean Quilt
Donna used strips left over from making bindings.
I thinks this technique is genius.

You can't tell but the black squares are from Black Jeans.
Bright pink contrast and Minky on the back.
This is going to a 12 year old Granddaughter.
Lucky Girl.

Donna's Scrappy Dresden
She can't remember where she got them...What?
Starched and pressed they are ready to finish a new
Scrappy top.

Debbie doing some sewing for humanitarian
Little flannel blankets made from her
More from Debbie

This is Debbie's Scrappy Quilt
Made by Randy's Grandma for Great-Grandson Jesse.
Grandma calls it Jacob's Ladder.
Some call it Rail Fence.
The Quilter can call it what ever she wants!

Debbie is going to make the same pattern for her grandson.  
Scrappy Strips so far.
We will have to see what Debbie calls this quilt

Maryann O is still with us!
She is making plans for a move.
We will be sad to see her go.
She is working on a
Grandmothers Fan Quilt
She brought templates and patterns for everyone.

Peg showing her
"Welcome to My Garden Quilt"
Started in 2001? 

Peg's fun Quilty Fun Quilt.
Love the Red Boarders
Good Job Peg!
This was also a
Scrappy Quilt
She used fabrics from her 30's stash.

Scrappy Back Art

No fancy desserts but in
Honor of My Mother (and Peg's)
We made bread for everyone.
Mom's birthday is the 29th of Aug.
We are honoring her by making bread a giving it to some one that might need a little lift.
Mom made bread every week
10 pound bag
10 loafs of bread
always a few went to some else.
(actual bowl she used)

Mom and brother Sam

With a simple loaf of Bread Mom lifted others load and shared others burdens and tought service to her children by example.

Happy Birthday Mom

No Half Loaf, This
Friendly were the words you said,
Tendering the loaf of bread
Oven warm and savory:
How much that gesture meant to me,
Almost a stranger, lonely, too,
And gladdened by the sight of you.
I would repay you if I could
Oh, yes the bread was extra good.
(I’d like the recipe some day.)
But let me ask you if I may,
How you acquired the finer art
O nourishing the hungry heart?
I never had the knack somehow.
(I’d like that recipe right now.)

                        Virginia Newman