Friday, March 29, 2013

March Quilt Group 2013We have all been waiting for

Jeanene was our host for March.
 We had a wonderful evening.
We were a smaller group but we always enjoy getting together.

We have all been waiting to see Jeanene's "Farmers Wife".
Loved it!
This is what we do...
Show our quilts and then everyone Oohs and Aahs.
That is why we love Quilt Group

Then we unveiled  our 2013 Challenage
It was so fun  to see how they are coming together.
We loved them all....

Some are Needle turn applique and some machine.
All fabulous.

We had to have Mary Ann bring her quilt that was the inspiration  for this project.

Lot's of work ahead but we are excited.
 Show and tell
Glenna's Hannawalt Cousins Quilt finished
4 cousins made 12 blocks and exchanged and then finished any way they wanted.

JoAn's  "Completely Dotty"
JoAn started this a while back and it has become top priority.
Didn't it turn out Great! 

Kathee shows a quilt she calls
"Swedish Flag"
Great colors and pattern

Kathee also show some quilts she bought from a "Little Lady" at a year sale.

Another Little Lady Quilt.
Simple but Classy 
Another Little Lady Quilt .
Some  were $10.00 for the top. What?

Rachelle always bring something interesting.
A Halloween House she has decorated with cards and all kinds of little embellishments.
Rachelle can describe it much better. 
This picture does not sow all the detail of this project.

Debbie bought some kits at the Quilt Show and learned how to make these "Self Binding Blankets"
How To:

Mary Ann pieced the top of her (???can't remember the name) Quilt 
Such a variety   of fabrics and combinations.

Jeanene demonstrates  how to baste a quilt for machine quilting.
Great demonstration

We ended the evening with
Mint Brownies and Fruit
and an Easter "Prize"
Thanks Jeanene for a little slice of heaven.
Do you think we will quilt in Heaven?
Maybe not Quilt but I know we will have
Dear Friends in Heaven.