Friday, October 23, 2015

October Quilt Group 2015

Vicki pulled out all the stops for Quilt Group this month.

The lady skeleton taking a bubble bath was adorable.

All kinds of Halloween treats

We started out with some very tasty 
White Bean Chicken Soup
Recipe ?

  Shots of her other Decor 
After Dinner Debbie started our Show and Tell 

I Spy Quilt #5 for Debbie
She says she had one more to make.
Every family will have one!
Finished the top of My Christmas Quilt I started last year.
I am calling it the "8 Hour Border"
I Love it,
 even if it took a long time.

Peg's "Apple Core Quilt"
She is hand stitching this Quilt.
A great take along project.

She is add a few more rows and borders.

Peg's Scrappy Table Runner

Peg's Farm Girl Friday Blocks finished so far.
Love these colors.

Vicki's Daughter Alyssa joined us this month.
 She even shared a great idea.
She is making a parrot costume for her daughter.
She took a headband and laced  tulle in the holes.
She added colors to the back to looks like a parrot.
Alyssa Send us pictures of the finished costume. 

Vicki made these Little baby Moccasins from a old leather purse.
Vicki is so creative!

We were also invited into Vicki's sewing area.
Love the way the threads are stored.

Throwback from her teaching.
This map fills the entire wall.
It is a great map painted on canvas.
(Complements of Donna)

Cuteness in every corner.

Homemade Bubble Bath made by Vicki
Thanks for a great evening. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

August and September Quilt Group

Happy Birthday to Jan at our Quilt Group
Jan's  Birthday was on the day we planned quilt group. 
We were all able to celebrate with  her. 

JoAn was our wonderful host
Luann started our show and tell with her red barn.

She is doing her Farm Girl Blocks in Red White and Blue. Fabulous. 

Hedy brought a couple of bags to show what they make at the Humanitarian group she attends every week. 
These bags are made for Newborns in Need. 
Vicki took a page out of Donna's book and bought this quilt top for a great price. 
 Awesome Small Dresden plat quilt.
What a great find.
We were glad to see Kathee again. 
Showing us a good deal on swaddled fabric. 

Kathee is getting a jump on a baby quilt for a new grand baby. 
Sweet little girl blanket. 
Even the Back is great 
Debbie is showing one of 6 "Eye Spy" quilts.  
She is making one for each family. 
Look at this colorful quilt Debbie made for her 8 year old granddaughter. 
The best part is it is made from scraps from other quilts.
 I love scrappy quilts 
We had to take a picture of Mary Ann's bag she brought her projects in. (I don't know why I got closed eyes in these pictures)
The cute flower was over the top. 
Mary Ann has made Pigs, pigs and more pigs. Can't wait to see this finished quilt. 
Great color choice for this quilt. 
In honor of school starting, 
I am trying finish this alphabet quilt.

I will probably add a scrappy binding. 
I have been loving the Farm Girl quilt blocks by Lori Holt. While I was sewing the Farm Girl blocks I remembered the Farmers Wife Quilt I started a couple of years ago.I told myself I had to finish the Wife before I could work on the Girl.
It was good motivation because My Farmers Wife is ready for boarders and 
I am up to date on Farm Girl.

The Cupcakes for Jan celebration
JoAn made these cute pin-bowls for each of us. 
I guess a gift for Us and Jan on her birthday.

Another wonderful evening together with good friends... 
That just happen to love to Quilt!

Friday, May 29, 2015

May Quilt Group 2015

This girl was over the top last night for our May Quilt Group
Splish Splash~ It's time for our Quilt Bash!!
 Who can Freestyle on over? Dog paddle??
 Bring or Wear something to do with Swimming to receive a prize!!
 Be sure to bring your show and tell!!

 Debbie started out our "Show and Tell" 
with a
 Big Splash
This cute Robert Kaufman 
 fabric and Pattern

So So Cute 

Luan was next with her finished Quilt

The Back is just as nice.

Jan's Red Chair Quilt. 
I guess she will call it her 
Chair Quilt.
Love this done in Patriotic colors.

Vicki calls this a 
"Throwback Thursday"
It is a lovely Quilt.

Vicki is getting very creative with these strip quilts.

Mixing retro and new fabrics 

Strip Quilt #2 from Vicki

Great mix of colors

Hedy's Cute baby quilt finished.

Quilted with lot s of circles. 

Glenna's First Farm Girl Friday Blocks
Some 6  inch and Some 12 inch

Sally Glenna and Peg's sister (visiting from Tucson) Showing off her Lori Holt Christmas Quilt
Blocks finished and ready for a border and then Christmas!

We were so lucky to get to see Sally's
"Grandma Chapman Tea Cup"

She is going to count how many pieces in this quilt..

Mary Ann finished this retro quilt for her daughter.
The Dresden Plates  are Antique blocks  

Mary Ann picked a great companion fabric that makes this quilt really wonderful.

Mary Ann is helping a Sister-in-law beginning quilting.
She calls this a simple pattern?

New fabric line called 

  Ambleside by Moda

Mary Ann again
She designed this pattern...

and colorful fabrics

Barbara, (Mary Ann's Sister) also got to spend the evening with us.
She brought a couple of her many quilts.
The Black and White background in the pinwheels make this quilt pop.


Barbara's Fruit and Vegetable quilt

Love it.
We thought we were just about finished and the
"Swimming Quilter"
 Came in after her class
 (She is going to get her degree)!

Yep, Peg the life of the party!

The party was for sure not over.
Debbie really outdid herself..
The table was Adorable.

Beach Baskets for everyone.

Skinny Dippin' and Belly Flop Dips, Salt water Taffy...

Pool Noodle and Beach Balls Salad...

Watermelon, Life savers, River Rocks and Pool Water...

Sink or Swim Cupcakes...

Flip Flop Cookies...

Can you believe all this?
It was a wonderful evening together.
We put on our new Star Sun Glasses and Peg taught us how to take a Panoramic photo of our Group.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Debbie
Check out the Row by Row Experience 
this Summer!