Friday, October 23, 2015

October Quilt Group 2015

Vicki pulled out all the stops for Quilt Group this month.

The lady skeleton taking a bubble bath was adorable.

All kinds of Halloween treats

We started out with some very tasty 
White Bean Chicken Soup
Recipe ?

  Shots of her other Decor 
After Dinner Debbie started our Show and Tell 

I Spy Quilt #5 for Debbie
She says she had one more to make.
Every family will have one!
Finished the top of My Christmas Quilt I started last year.
I am calling it the "8 Hour Border"
I Love it,
 even if it took a long time.

Peg's "Apple Core Quilt"
She is hand stitching this Quilt.
A great take along project.

She is add a few more rows and borders.

Peg's Scrappy Table Runner

Peg's Farm Girl Friday Blocks finished so far.
Love these colors.

Vicki's Daughter Alyssa joined us this month.
 She even shared a great idea.
She is making a parrot costume for her daughter.
She took a headband and laced  tulle in the holes.
She added colors to the back to looks like a parrot.
Alyssa Send us pictures of the finished costume. 

Vicki made these Little baby Moccasins from a old leather purse.
Vicki is so creative!

We were also invited into Vicki's sewing area.
Love the way the threads are stored.

Throwback from her teaching.
This map fills the entire wall.
It is a great map painted on canvas.
(Complements of Donna)

Cuteness in every corner.

Homemade Bubble Bath made by Vicki
Thanks for a great evening. 

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Rachelle said...

Love the skeleton in the bubble bath. What a clever idea. Some nice quilts girls, looks like you all had a wonderful time.