Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Quilt Group

Donna was our Host for our January Quilt Group. It was so good to start a new year and get to see each other and see what we have been doing.
Donna started with her finished blocks from "Cabbage Rose" BOM.
Some of us have not started our blocks yet.
Good Job Donna

Donna's Christmas quilt finished. We had a discussion on what are the rules for 10 Quilts in 2010. The rule is: It doesn't matter when you start the quilt.

"A Quilt is not a Quilt until it is Quilted"!

Donna's scrappy quilt "finished"

Donna's again, she is really getting serious

We had a guest quilter this month.
Peg and Glenna's Sister Sally.
She brought her "Quilts with a Spin" paper pieced blocks to show. The sisters have been saving fabric for 2 or 3 years. We Decided we would do a block a month.
Sally has 2 blocks finished.

Glenna's Christmas Quilt finished in time for Christmas.
Quilted by Kit
I love it!

Some of our quilters have found some real bargains at yard sales and Antique stores. I have wanted to find a quilt form the past. Well I ended up with this bag, that just looks like scraps ready for the trash or thrift store donation. The Bag had 16 rows of "Building Blocks" hand pieced together. It will take some time but when finished I will have my own quilt form the past.
Glenna's Jean Quilt project

Rachelle's "Cabbage Rose Blocks" in Batiks.
We all loved the colors of these Batiks.

Rachelle's New Years Day Quilt.
Rachelle does fabulous quilting on all her quilts.

Rachelle's neighbor Marianne came with Rachelle and brought this "Orphan Quilt" she won in a raffle.
Welcome Marianne!

Jan with a cute easy baby quilt

And this ABC Quilt was wonderful. Jan always puts together great color combinations.

If Jeanene is doing "10 in 2010" she is will on her way.
4 Quilts back from the quilter.

Jeanene finished 2 of this fun flower pattern

Check out the quilting on Jeanene's Pinwheel Quilt!
Three words "A Ma Zing"

Vickie has been doing some quilting and
brought this Wonderful Batik quilt. I can't remember the name we came up with. I remember the one we are not going to call it "right Vickie"!

WE missed those that couldn't come this month.
February Quilt Group
Glenna's February 18th

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Projects

At 9:30 pm Christmas Eve there were no pajama pants, by 9:30 Christmas morning there were 9 pair of pajama pants. I had one hold out that would not put her pants on, second from right=) I also made 3 Penny Sturgis bags for the adult girls but no picture=( They all love the bags though.

Here are a couple of the 7 little dogs I made for my grandsons. I liked the zipper mouth where things can be hidden.

Here are the Raggedy Ann dolls and quilts I made for my two little granddaughters.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drive By Quilting?

Yes! And What a Beautiful Day it was...
One HP Quilter Said... "if you must hang your laundry out for all to see, this is what it should look like"... paraphrased of course. Sorry, Steph. For the quote and the stealing of photos from your fab. blog
From 2008 Sampler quilts to Pinwheels and Disappearing 9 Patch Quilts. We are all in this together! So pleased to have such great participation.

Wonderful variations on a "theme"
So cute

Some unfinished, but tops done! Yay!
From These wonderful displays
to these from the
*"Trunk Show"
we were all inspired and ready to get going on new projects.

* someday I will figure out how to link to cool things, for now Go to Stuph from Steph (find it on the left) and enjoy the Trunk Show

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Mystery Trip

Anybody else do the New Year's Day mystery quilt last week? You know I can't resist a good mystery quilt and this one called for, you guessed it: batik scraps. Gee, I wonder if I had any?

I am very proud of myself for not buying any fabric for this. I have the sandwich ready for quilting, but I'll bring it even if I don't get it quilted.