Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drive By Quilting?

Yes! And What a Beautiful Day it was...
One HP Quilter Said... "if you must hang your laundry out for all to see, this is what it should look like"... paraphrased of course. Sorry, Steph. For the quote and the stealing of photos from your fab. blog
From 2008 Sampler quilts to Pinwheels and Disappearing 9 Patch Quilts. We are all in this together! So pleased to have such great participation.

Wonderful variations on a "theme"
So cute

Some unfinished, but tops done! Yay!
From These wonderful displays
to these from the
*"Trunk Show"
we were all inspired and ready to get going on new projects.

* someday I will figure out how to link to cool things, for now Go to Stuph from Steph (find it on the left) and enjoy the Trunk Show


Jan said...

I love the quilts, they are fabulous. I wish I could have seen them in person, JoAn and I were at our Hancock family Reunion in Disneyland.

Tuttle Tales said...

What amazing projects from your little group!!! I think the sampler with the pink in the last picture is beautiful with the sun shining through the back. I am inspired to finish some of my many projects. Keep creating=)

Jeanene said...

It was fun to drive by to see all the beautiful quilts hanging together. I was inspired by it and even more inspired as I saw all the beautiful quilts at the trunk show at Peg's. Thanks for letting my drop by.

Rachelle said...

Wow! All Gorgeous! and what a great way to display them. Wish I'd gotten down there to see them in person. Don't know what I was doing instead.