Friday, January 31, 2014

January Quilt Group 2014

Mary Ann was our host for Quilt Group this month.
It is a new year and we are all ready to get busy with project we "need to do" and those project we "want to do". You have to have some of both.
Our assignment this month was:
Bring your favorite tool to share.  We started off the year with some great ideas
This is a quilt Mary Ann is making for her daughter.
They found these Retro Dresden blocks at an Antique store.
The daughter fell in love with them but wanted her mother to put them together in a quilt.
Mary Ann always puts the perfect fabrics together.
Cute wall hanging finished in time for Christmas

 Mary Ann's new favorite tool is:
 Floriani Appli-kay Wonder 
JoAn has been shopping the Antique Stores. 
 She found this beauty and we all want to make a quilt with this classic pattern.

Another Antique Quilt 
(not a good picture sorry)

JoAn had her fabulous Halloween Quilt quilted. 
Done with strip piecing cut in quarters to create a design. 

Another quilt back from the quilter.  

JoAn is so creative she took chenille bedspreads and cut them to create a patchwork.

Perfect baby quilt!

Another clever way of using embroidery from the Antique store. 
 Old sheets are the boarders.
Great idea. 
JoAn's favorite new tool is her mini iron. 
Makes needle turn appliqué a lot easier. 
Kathee was excited to tell us her husband bought her a new sewing machine for Christmas. 
Taking classes and will be ready to sew up a storm. Her favorite tool is two different magnets. 
From Harbor Freight
One for holding pins, one for finding pins on the sewing room floor. 

Glenna adding to "Red Chair Quilt" 
Two more blocks ...
 Well maybe Three...
A Great Granny Square quilt from Glenna ready for the quilter.

My Favorite new tool is my portable design board.
  Pattern from Lori Holt.
Perfect to lay out  small projects and blocks. 

 Easy to move.
I made 4 and use them all the time.

Debbie showing one of her Birthday Pillowcases for the Grand Children this year.
Debbie also makes "I Spy" quilts for the Grandchildren when they turn 2.
This one is a match game also. 
Adorable little boys quilt for new Grand-baby 

Peg's 1st block for her 
"Red Chair Quilt" 

Round 2-it Quilt from Peg.
Ask her about her pattern.


I'm not saying that Peg makes a lot of mistakes but her favorite new tool is: high powered magnifying glasses. (That is not the real name) and a serious Seam Ripper.  
With these tools you might make a mistake but you will not make a mistake while you are picking it out!

Peg was so excited to show the quilt her Daughter-in-law Cammy made her for Christmas.
Cammy knew  Peg  wanted to make this quilt so  while Peg was gone on a trip Cammy went into Peg's sewing room used some of the fabric Peg wanted to use on this project, used Peg's sewing machine  and with the help of her family she was able to surprise Peg for Christmas.
This was Cammy's first quilt.  Amazing!

Cammy couldn't decide what to name the quilt so she named it all 3.
Peg made the Label (tutorial coming soon).

We have had  a lot of Antique shoppers this month.  This is something Maryann O found. 
Embroidered  birds

Maryann's project for her quilt guild.

So Stomp'n  Cute

We were so glad to see Vicki this month after suffering from a fall and broken kneecap.
She was able to use the sewing machine a little.
Tutu's for a fundraiser....

...and little bitty Maxi skirts for her grand daughter.
What will they think of next.

Donna and her scrappy quilt made from a $3.00 layer cake from a yard sale.
Donna can always spot a deal. 

 This is still current fabric. 
So current Jan made a quilt in the same fabric.

Same fabric different quilt
Jan's on the left Donna's on the right.

Donna using up her felted wool stash makes this scrappy wool bag.
Very Creative!

Down to the old suspenders for the handle. 
 Love  it!

Donna's favorite tool
Purple Thang Sewing Tool
It does just about everything.

 "Or so they say".

Jan's Perfect Pinwheels.

One of the cutest Jelly roll Quilts.
Jan started at our last retreat.

Jan's new favorite tools are:
 Frixion Pen for marking and then pressing the marks out...

... and the Angler 2 for making perfect seams.

Jeanene's Basket Quilt from 
Lori Holt Quilty Fun Book
Perfect for Easter
Jeanene's Civil Stars 
She was making this star pattern for another project and after making those she made up a bunch more  using her civil war prints and made this project.
Hedy didn't disappoint us this month. 
She loves making big quilts. 
This is her Women of Courage Quilt.

Made as a block of the month
Hedy is an expert quilter. 

2014 quilt group schedule 
Assignment for next month.
I can't say enough how much we love getting together. 
Scrappy Ladies!