Friday, August 24, 2012

"Bed Turning" August Quilt Group

What is a Bed Turning You Say?
A "Bed Turning" is a way of introducing quilters and non-quilters to the beauty of antique or unique quilts in an interesting and different way.
Our Group was told to Bring a Quilt with a Story!
As each one arrived they would put their quilt on the bed. Yes, we had a bed in the family room.
It was so fun!!! 
Let's start with "Show and Tell".
Vickie shows a quilt she made a few years ago before any Grand babies were on the way.
Her mother did the quilting on this quilt.  (What a Treasure)

Now Vickie has Twin Grandson on the way any time now.
These two cute quilts is what the Mother to be picked out for the new babies.

Vickie is always working on something and this is the start of a quilt for a Mesa High reunion.
Purple and Gold

Vickie show the rug she is working on for a friend.

Debbie finished another quilt for eight year old Granddaughter's Baptism Quilt.
We are still blown away that she does her own quilting.
Good Job Debbie!

Donna just finished this adorable quilt called
"The X Factor"
The pattern was designed by a friend of some of our group.
Michelle Hollis @ the Red Bucket List

Donna is also using up some flannel scraps and making quilt for "Newborns in Need"
Donna is always so good to donate quilts.

Jeanene is up to about 50 of these Farmers Wife Blocks.
This quilt is going to be a work of art!

Hedy is doing a Block of the Month
"Women of Courage"
Each month includes stories of incredible women from our past who have made a difference in our world.

Maryann is making a pillow for her niece,
Let me guess. Is her  name Layla?
Very Cute.

JoAn finished the top of her Patriotic Pinwheels
Leave it to JoAn to make a fabulous boarder.
Love it.

Made from JoAn's leftovers the Patriotic quilt.
Her son designed the Eagle Center.

Peg was kidnapped on her Birthday by her Sister's and spent the day sewing .
This is the quilt she finished.
"Wonky All the Way"  

Peg is making progress on her Patriotic Pinwheels.
It's going to be great.

Just back from the quilter is this "Sweet Baby Jay Quilt"
It is only fitting to use Granny Squares  for a pattern.
Inspired by Lori Holt

Jan shows off  two  Rag Rugs she has been working on.
One Knitted
This one goes in her Lavender Bathroom...

...and this beauty is crocheted with the Toothbrush  Technique.
It  is  going into her "Pink" Sewing Room.

 Mary Ann made this quilt we all loved the pattern and the colors.

Five inch squares with 1 and 1/2 inch strip sewn  in the center.
Very striking quilt.

I (Glenna) did some sewing while watching the Olympics.
Finished the top of my Patriotic Pinwheel Quilt.

From the scraps of the Pinwheel quilt I made this...
I hate to throw anything away.

I also got to make a "Wonky All the Way" quilt on Peg's Birthday.

I call this my "Reunion" Quilt.
The ladies in the family that wanted to play brought a yard and 1/3 of Amy Butler fabric and
we cut them in 5 inch squares and then see what you can do with the fabric.  I added extra fabric to go around the white blocks to make it big enough for a bed.

Now for the Bed Turning
First was Hedy
This quilt was made by Mary a Great Aunt. Born in the 1870's
She worked in an upholstery factory.

Debbie's Mother had 5 Daughters and made a quilt for each daughter for her wedding quilt.
 She used the fabric from the dresses she made the girls while growing up.
Debbie has be married 35 years and her Mother passed away this past year.
Great Memories

JoAn "s third child is adopted.  Her sons birth Great Grandmother made this quilt for him.
When she took it down to bring it tonight she talked to her son about it and about all the "Love" that went into this quilt for him.

This quilt even has a label on the back.
Made 1994 and the names of his Grandmother and Aunts.

This Great quilt hangs in her sewing room.
Jan went to South Dakota with her Father and Brother.
While traveling the stopped at an Antique Store.  She loved the quilt but thought she should not buy it.
They left and while driving her Dad asked why she didn't buy the quilt.  "Would JoAn like it?"
Her turned around and bought the quilt for Jan.
Then told her to give it to JoAn..
The quilt is still Jan's...

Guest Chris
Great Grandmother made it for her Uncle.
She was German and belonged to a  Ladies Quilting Bee.

Didn't know much about the quilt.  A Marianne  was dating bought it from a neighbor,
The father of the family worked in a factory that made fabric. The Mom used the fabric for cloths and used the scraps for this quilt.
Marianne  told the neighbor she couldn't take the quilt if it had all those memories.
 The neighbor said  "I never liked my Mom".
So she kept the quilt.

This is a fantastic quilt.

Jellyroll Race Quilt

Jeanene has had this quilt for 35 years.
Parents served a Mission in Nauvoo and brought this back and gave to her.

All hand pieced and quilted.

Mary Ann
Mary Ann and her Mom made this quilt together when she was 16.
Lovely stitches from her mother.
Blanket Stitch and Hand quilting.

Donn's First quilt made in 1984.
She said it was an odd technique.
Fold fabric...staple together..cut on line...
Hand quilted and Piping for binding.

This is a rescue quilt.  It was rescued from Aunt Ruth’s garage.  When she passed away,  her family found several quilt type things in the garage.  The blocks were all in one group and had been and sewn together by hand.  I put them together, then I quilted it over several years, by hand as I watched conference etc.  Don’t look too closely, as it has many flaws, some of them mine and some of them Taylor Reed’s mother , or  Grandma Lebaron, who probably made the blocks in the first place just like granny Arnett helped make mom’s quilt that Sal owns.  I haven’t named this quilt yet, but would welcome ideas. 

This is not an old quilt but I am so glad to have it finished.
Dresden Plates and I kept trying to figure out how to set the quilt and look like Vintage.
These Dresden's have been everywhere with me while working in the Quilt.
Utah, Catalina Island, Sister Trip with my girls, Sally's Cabin etc,,,

Love the quilting by Kerry

It was a Fun Fun evening and it is so great to get together.
Love you Ladies!
Back to School=School Rules!

 We can use these same rules while making quilts.