Monday, August 24, 2009

Quilt Group August 2009

Here is the finished 'A' quilt that Jeanene has worked on for a spell. It was well worth the time for it is a beauty.

Here is a pinwheel variation that we started during the retreat.

Baby pinwheels with the same fabric, heck, throw in a little more.

Never, never throw anything away because you might be able to squeeze more quilts out of the scraps. Note the teenie, tiny nine patches in the quilt with the snowballs. (I think that's the one, all I can see right now is computer jumble.)

One way to do the darling flowers.

Here is a variation on the flowers.

JoAn added the 'A' word to her quilt and it looks beautiful.

This is Hedy's latest creation=)

Here is the littlest member of our group=) I wonder if she is walking yet?

Ruth's cute bag was a gift.

This pinwheel quilt was started at the cabin. The pattern is the same but each one looks different.

Christmas gifts are started at Jan's house. Here is the first quilt top for one of the kids. This quilt inspired a few trips to the quilt shop we went to in Lakeside during the quilt retreat=)

Here is the 'Q' for Jan's Alphabet quilt about her. This is fabulous!!!

This is the quilt Jan made with the blocks each member of the quilt group made last summer. She has done all of the amazingly beautiful machine quilting by herself after taking a class.

I think this belongs to Jan and it is really cute, but I'm having a brain cramp=(

Even though Peg wasn't here for quilt group she sent along this cute quilt top: 'If the Shoe Fits.'

Here's a cute little bag that Glenna made for her girls.

The pinwheels that started it all=)

Ice Cream Anyone??

Here is Glenna's take on the group quilt we did last summer. They all look different even though we all have the same blocks=)


Jan said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, so fun to see them again.

"The Most Fabric Wins" said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for posting them Donna