Friday, June 3, 2016

June Quilt Group at JoAn's

We had a great Quilt Group evening at JoAn's..
We love her home ...
I want her to decorate mine. 

Peg started out our
"Show  and Tell"
She put together this checkerboard square made with
Mid Winter Reds
Great Colors

Peg is finishing up projects started a few years ago.
This is called
"The Great Fan"
Was a Mystery Quilt in 2008
Good Job Peg
 Peg's Quilt for Baby Sabrina
Baby Sabrina warped in Quilt

 Peg's quilt made of Maddie and Jon's Wedding

Debbie has been busy helping with a new Grandchild.
She is getting ready for "Grammy Camp"
Theme this year is Doctor Seuss
Fun Grandma alert!

I inserted a few pictures of two Quilts I gave away to my two Grandkids that Graduated from High School this year.

It is not finished until the name is on.

I finish the Applique on my Bloom Quilt.
Still need the outside boarder but I love it

Vicki starting an ambitious  project.
She is making two of these cute quilts for two Grandson turning six and love to color.
If you have any extra fabric that would fit these colors get with Vicki.
5 x 5 inch or 5 x 10 inch pieces is what she needs.
Look in your scrap bag!

Jan is working on her cute Halloween Quilt

She made two of these one for her and one for her daughter. 
What a great Mom.

Jan didn't want me to take a picture of this yet because she hasn't finished quilting it but it is awesome.

 Her machine quilting is amazing.

JoAn finished the evening with these delicious goodies.
We missed some of our group tonight but we had a great time together visiting and solving the world problems.
Thanks JoAn  

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Rachelle said...

Boy do those look yummy! And a great presentation too! I'm probably going to take the summer off from sewing since I spent the spring sewing large canvas things for SCA events. I am also doing all of the paper creations for Paul's wedding (which is in January) so I need to focus on those this summer. Miss our fun quilt groups, but I try to lurk here so I can see all your lovely creations. Keep up the good work.