Friday, April 27, 2012

April Quilt Group at JoAn's

Every month a group of ladies can't wait to get together to be inspired and share what they have been creating. 
 This month JoAn was our host and it was fabulous.

JoAn made these adorable pincushions out of an old quilt. 
 What a nice treat for all of us. 

Maryann brought this "Grinch" quilt.
Great use of the Grinch panel. 

Maryann made this Jellyroll Race quilt made with more strips. Love the small blocks to separate strips.

Mary Ann P. has been working on quilts for her daughter's daughters bedrooms.
Mary Ann does such great work.

Check out this fancy label.  Hand embroidery around the edge.
Over the top Mary Ann.

This is for the same room. 
 Same colors but different pattern.

Donna said she had nothing to show ut she is always keeping busy with something.
Here  This is a hat for "Newborns in need".

Glenna shows off a 12 pocket bag made of for travel and it holds a laptop.
got a little carried away on the pockets.  

Glenn's BE... Quilt finished.  

Jeanene finished her BE Quilt also.  Jeanene and Glenna both quilted these quilts and  used the same method for binding the quilt.  You can watch that video Here

Jeanene whipped up this Granny Square quilt.  The colors did not come out bright enough but it is a very striking quilt.

OK the next few quilts will blow you way.
Jeanene was able to "rescue" these quilts and they couldn't have ended up in better hands.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!Drum roll  please!!!!!!!!!!

True Granny  Squares 



Wonderful Stars


Just plain "old" blocks

Churn dash 

Jeanene will take  good care of them.

Jan used a new half-Hexagon  ruler and made this striking quilt 

Debbie has caught the quilt bug from friends and bought two of the quilts made for Granddaughters.
This is the ragged circles in bright pinks.

And this twin size disappearing nine patch. 

Now for a tour of JoAn's newly decorated Sewing Room 

Thank you JoAn
Great evening with good  friends. 


Jan said...

JoAn thank you for hosting a fabulous quilt group. It was fun to chat with Rachelle via Skype. I love all the quilts everyone brought to show. I am always inspired by my quilting sisters or should I say Sisters of the Quilt. Thanks for posting Glenna, you do a great job keeping up on the blog!!

Joey said...

Glenna, Glenna, Glenna...You are the best blogger, I think you caught the spirit of the night. It was so fun, I love you all and am inspired to get quilting! After it was over I chatted a little (ok maybe a lot) and when I came back in all the brownies were gone...uh oh I'm pretty sure the dog ate them, thankfully they didn't kill him.
We missed you Vicky and Rachelle and thanks everyone else for coming and sharing, you are all such amazing ladies.

Joey said...

Sorry I spelled your name wrong Vickie, I really do know better.