Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Quilt Group 2012

We were all glad to get together again after not meeting in November and December.
Glenna Reporting:
Mary Ann opened her home to us and it so fun to see all her quilts and the fun things she has in her home.
 Mary Ann is showing her Christmas Packages Quilt. 
With a Bow on Top. 
 Such a great idea.
Mary Ann also told us about her new project. 
 "The Farmers Wife" Quilt.
 She just whipped up 35-40 blocks already.  
Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

This is my Christmas Package Quilt.  I call it" Grandma's Gifts".
I just happened to have 25 Grandchildren  in 2011.
I did put a few extra on the back just in case.

My "Scrappy Quilt" Blocks ready to sew together.
 8.5 inches and I am doing 9x9.
Next month!

Peg brought some packages from her new business "Snaps!"  Cookies and treats for any occasion.
 Give her a call.

Jeanene brought this wonderful "Pinwheel"
So simple but fabulous.
Quilted by Kit.

Little treat bag Jeanene made. Co Cute! 

Maryann has been doing lots of sewing for others.  She made 24 of the stockings for Christmas.
 Maryann and Rachelle made tons of Christmas Tree Ornaments for the "Sunshine Acres" Children Home for Christmas.
Maryann also made a huge move during the holidays.
We all love your positive attitude Maryann.

This just might be a quilt for her new bedroom.  

Maryann found some things while moving and brought 4 of her "Round Robin" Quilts form her quilt group in Florida.

One of the first quilts she made She found in the move.  

Rachelle made these two baskets we learned to make in October.
Great patterns made with her fabric.

Rachelle is always good to do the Planet Patchwork New Years Mystery Quilt.  They post the instructions on-line on New Years day.  Great job Rachelle.

Rachelle's miniature  girls dresses quilt she gave to her Grandmother.

This show be in the Heard Museum.  It is a basket made from pine needles.  Unbelievable!
 Only Rachelle would think of making this.   

JoAn finished her "Attitudes" Quilt.
 It is so colorful and cheerful.
Love Love Love the color combinations.
  JoAn did her own quilting and it is so detailed  and wonderful.  

Vickie show the bag she made from a rag rug.
So Creative Vickie.

Vickie told a story about the Grinch tradition in he family.  She made this fun quilt for a Sister-in-law.
Cozy quilt with red Minky on the back.

Jan is showing these Rag Rugs she is learning to make.
 Made with big  needle with a big hole.
Jan said she with show us how to make one when she hosts in May.

Mary Ann finished the night with these sweet treats.
The hit was the:
 Popcorn Frito Mix .
Made with:
 2 Bags Microwave Popcorn
1 Reg bag Frito Corn Chips
Put in brown bag
Melt- 14 oz Wilton Candy Melts
(or Candy Quick or Almond Bark)
Pour over Popcorn and Chips and Shake
It's so good it's Wrong!

Great night together Thanks Mary Ann an all.

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