Sunday, February 2, 2014

This is for my quilt friends that do not like the looks of their wonderful hands:

Former AZ Governor, Rose Mofford, was asked, “What is your greatest asset?”
Her hands, she says.
“I have to tell you, mine are not attractive. They are large. They’re strong, wrinkled, yet so gentle and capable and always there to help others.
      “Look at the things that you have done with your hands. You applaud people and pick children up with those hands. You write letters when someone dies. You sew buttons back on your clothes. You put things right with your hands. If I had one wish left, it would be to continue to use my hands for years to come to help someone in a beneficial way.”
AZ Magazine, April 2011, page 55.

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Jan said...

oh that makes me love her. What a great quote!