Friday, November 8, 2013

October Quilt Group (In November)2013

"Scrappy Ladies"
"Scraps R Us"

Vicki Started out our "Show and Tell" with this fabulous T-Shirt Quilt.
Made for her Husband.
She was able to use so many of his T-Shirts.
After explaining each Block we told her she needed to make a label for the back with a "Key" that explains each block.
 We all know that would be like making another quilt top.
This will be a real treasure.

Hedy always has great quilts to show us.
Love this baby quilt.

Hedy also made Christmas Stocking for a daughter.
Made up the pattern and just whipped these up.
Good Job Hedy!

Jan started the Quilty Fun Sew Along
Block #1

Jan has been working on a Alphabet Quilt.
Each Block is hand embroidered.
Each letter represents  something personal to her.
This is block #25   1 more to go!!!!

May Ann has been working on, for the lack of a better name
"JoAn's Dresden's"

So Colorful and Cheerful
Just in time for Christmas, Mary Ann finished quilting this quilt.

This didn't make it for this Halloween this year but maybe next.
Peg just had her "If the Shoe Fits" Quilted and was motivated  to put this together before  Halloween fabric  is put away for the year.

Even finish the back using bits and pieces.

Happened to have a picture of Peg's
"If the Shoe Fits"
Really Great Halloween Quilt
Quilted By Friend Gail.

 Glenna's Quilty Fun Sew Along Block #1

A few more blocks for Glenna's Red Chair Quilt.

Debbie is still making baby quilts for her Grandchildren.
Three more to go just this year.

Debbie does her own quilting and it looks so cozy.
Marryann O. Was our host for the evening.
Maryann makes her home so Fun and Festive.
Showing off this hat she made for a challenge for a quilt guild she belongs to.
 Using  the fabrics from this collection. 

Maryann has found some prizes at the Antique Stores.
Vintage Embroidery 

Maryann says she might turn these into part of a quilt.

Maryann has found a new interest.
"Stained Glass"

She did an awesome job with with first project. 

Finished off the evening with Pizza, Salad and Cookies!!!
Thanks You Maryann for the great evening.

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Rachelle said...

Wow! I sure am missing you guys. Looks like you had such a fun time. Don't know when I'll be back in town, but it'll be sometime in early spring.