Friday, March 11, 2011

AZ Quilt Show

Our own quilt show in Mesa. I thought I would run down for just a few hours, but found some fun projects and some fun people.

Look who I found. We were able to check out most of the quilts together.
These are some of our favorites:
This "Schoolhouse" Quilt in Turkey Red.
 Each house quilted different.
Do you recognize this Quilt? It is our  Be Attitude Quilt on steroids!
So Great and So much more work.
How many more blocks would it take?

We really liked this quilt but the name was fabulous.
"A Tisket a Tasket there is no Yellow Basket"
Hedy has wanted to make this scrappy quilt.
She has this pattern. 
Another Great Quilt name.
Could you call this  genealogy?
We were looking at this quilt and we ask the volunteer to let us see the back and it happened to be her quilt.  She was delighted to "Show and Tell" about the quilt.  This is a quilt she made for her daughter and the fabrics are from her dresses.  It has taken her ____ years (Donna and Hedy help me with the story).   
The back label shows pictures of the daughter in some of the cloths.  How fun is that?
Another Out of Control Quilt.
Second Half
Plain and Simple
Love it!
This was one of about 5 or 6.  All a little different.

Awesome wool quilt.
  Donna said if you want to try this she has wool to get you started.
We all thought this looked like one of Jeanene's . Or someone got into your brown and pinks!
 If you have time, check it out!

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